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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Avatar Vote + Like Vote + FootPrint

* Avatar Vote
* Like Vote
* FootPrint
* Downloads

Mig33 Password Changer

* Unlimited Login
* Password Changer Without Security Question
* Password Changer With Security Question
* Add Security Question
* Change Security Question

How to Use:
# Setup Yuor Multy Ids In Multy.Txt
# Id & Pass Settings... Username:Password)
# Download Now

Mig33 Room Chatter Beta + Auto WC

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unlimited Avatar Vote UAV 3.0 [update]

# Built-IN 1500 Multi ID (No need extra Multi ID)
# It can Login 1500 ID login at a time (High net speed)
# Unlimited Avatar Vote (With Random & Series)
# Like Vote
# Unlimited Foot Print
# Extra ID save Option
# Unlimited Series ID add Option (Extra)
# 6 Set Multi Id Save
# Like vote Count Notification
# Blue Notification of successful Avatar vote
# Green Notification of successful Like vote
# Red NotiFication of Error Image Captcha
# Spy ID Captcha Supported
# Multi ID Captcha Image Supported. You can Fix Captcha By 1 click
# Downloads Now

Unlimited Group Inviter +Multi Group Joiner [UGI 1.3]

# Unlimited Multi Login (2000)
# Unlimited Group Invitation at a time
# Unlimited Group join
# Unlimited Group Like (NEW)
# Extra Group ID added Option (Manually)

Method of use
1. Login Multi ID On UGI
2. Check your group Profile From Mobile > Group ID
3. Save group ID on Soft
4. Click Join Group
5 Click Like Group
How to Get Group id
Login your ID From
Click > Groups > My Groups > Click Your Group Name

Check The Picture. And This is Your Group ID 
Now Open > Tool Folder > Group_id.txt > Save Your Group Like >
##  Download Now

Top 4 Mig33 Flooding Tools

Flood in the room mig33 highly variable, as for so many variations of flood, either manually or using auto flood, the simplest way of starting from a manual that is by typing into the room repeatedly texts mig33 with ato paste copy paste as fast as you can.
download your favorite flooding tools here.

KPM BOM  free
Dowload Now

Semud v1.4 (unlimited part II)
Download Now

Silent Smoker V4 (Free)
Download Now

Whos GC Destroyer
Download Now